When Mercury is retrograde, I spend much of my time assuring clients that not everything will fall apart during these periods.  If problems do occur, though, it sure does make it easier to know that Mercury is retrograde and that these things are to be expected.

Mercury has only been retrograde for a few days, but already I’ve had the following problems:

  • A security breach on my credit card necessitated the cancellation of that card and issuance of a new one and the resulting need to change all of the various website that use the card.
  • My Quicken program told me that I needed to upgrade by April 30th or lose some of the functionality.  I already had the software but hadn’t installed it – when I went to install it I found that the problem downloading automatic windows updates that I had been ignoring since November would not permit the Quicken installation.  After 90 minutes on the help line they told me the only way to fix it was to reinstall the operating system.
  • The 30-minute job of setting up my new wireless printer took two hours and a hefty $255 bill because of hidden problems in my office network.
  • When I went to change the rental car reservation for our big trip coming up they told me OOPS!  It’s a good thing you called because you can’t pick up your car the day of your reservation, it’s a bank holiday.  So in that case Mercury Rx worked in my favor.  If I hadn’t had to change the trip, I wouldn’t have called to change the reservation and wouldn’t have found out until we couldn’t pick up the car!

This Mercury Retrograde period started out to be particularly difficult because it was in a challenging square formation to Mars for a few days.  The intensity should let up soon.

How is the retrograde treating you?

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