Tune in Sunday morning at 11 am EDT (3 pm GMT) for the Musings on Astrology Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio.  We’ll talk about how to best use this time, what to avoid, what you need to keep in mind.  You’ll also have time to call in with questions or mini readings, and the call-in number is 646-478-5731.  I like to start with first-time callers so everyone gets a chance, but then we’ll open up the phones if we run out of those.

To listen, click on the player below once the show starts or just go to the show page.  Once the show is over you can listen to the archives.  If you listen to the podcast on Itunes, I would really appreciate your leaving a review and rating the show!

For more information about the different ways to listen, and for archives of past shows, visit this link.

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