Mercury will shift direction today, beginning its four times a year journey backwards as we revisit areas in our life that require additional attention.
Because Mercury turns our attention to the past and in a more interior direction, often we experience communication problems which is largely due to a lack of focus or attentiveness.  Things can be more confusing, equipment failures can occur (sometimes due to a simple lack of following directions), email and phone systems frequently break down.
If you must sign a contract during this period go ahead and do it, but use extra caution when making agreements and be sure they are in writing if possible.  The inattention of these periods can result in misunderstandings and confusion in negotiations.  And then expect to have to renegotiate at some point in the future.
When we know that Mercury is retrograde these frustrations become less aggravating, because we expect them and understand that they can occur.  These periods (this one lasts until January 15) are wonderful for going back and revisiting unresolved issues from the past, redecorating your home, redoing your website, revisiting your life plan – it’s commonly said that anything with a “re-” prefix is a good idea when Mercury is retrograde.
What you don’t want to do is become paralyzed with fear and afraid to take any action during this period.  Life your life as it comes, but you’ll be prepared and have the resources you need to work through any problem.
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