Although for me it won’t make much difference, I’m sort of getting used to the kind of technological craziness I’ve been experiencing lately with the square of Jupiter to Uranus and evidently I’m not alone. Although this aspect made its exact hit back in January, the effects are still with us and will continue for another week or so.

Mercury is stationary now preparing to retrograde late tomorrow night, and communication and equipment difficulties are likely to increase. Recent studies have refuted the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon, but just ask my assistant who doesn’t believe in astrology about Mercury Retrograde and she will roll her eyes and say “oh no, not again.”

In my experience, Mercury Retrograde is more about personal communication than actual equipment malfunction, although when there is a malfunction it is likely to be from user error. We don’t read the instructions, or we forgot to service the photocopier. Or we don’t listen to each other: I say I’ll meet someone at the office, she’s waiting for me at the house.

During Mercury retrograde periods we have a clear view in hindsight, making this a good time to rethink our priorities, re-establish old friendships. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, renew your commitment to your Valentine if you have one, and to yourself if you don’t. Linear thinking is temporarily suspended; take a different route!

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