Mercury has been approaching an exact opposition to Pluto which is exact today, and we are seeing its influences all over the news. Mercury rules communication and the transmission of information, and when it faces off with Pluto we suffer from communication difficulties (like my email going down this morning), aggressive communications and the uncovering of one’s secret feelings.

In the news today, the rhetoric between the US and Iran continues to escalate, with the US threatening retaliation for Iran’s missile tests and Ahmadinejad dismissed dismissing these threats as a “big joke.”

In other news, Jesse Jackson lashed out at Barack Obama in what he thought was a private conversation in a news studio when he thought the mike was off. Saying Obama talks down to black people, he confided to his fellow guest on Fox and Friends that he wanted to cut Obama’s nuts out.”

And most stunning of all, the gaffer-in-chief, the US President, left his last G-8 summit yesterday after refusing to accept global climate change targets, delivered his farewell address to the world: “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter. (Thanks to Jill for the link.)

Fortunately, Mercury will move out of range of Pluto by tomorrow, but today you might want to watch your words carefully!

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