A new article by Vox News reports that 30% of the age group commonly referred to as Millenials (described in this article as age 22-38, corresponding exactly to the period when Pluto was in Scorpio, is lonely.

22 percent of millennials in the poll said they had zero friends. Twenty-seven percent said they had “no close friends,” 30 percent said they have “no best friends,” and 25 percent said they have no acquaintances.

This 30% loneliness figure compares with 15% of the Baby Boomers born under Pluto in Leo, and 20% of those born under Pluto in Virgo.

Pluto spends between 12 and 20 years in each sign, and the generations born under these signs share certain qualities, although they are not the same.  The Baby Boomer generation, born under Pluto in Leo, generally share some Leo qualities of creative self expression and a relentless desire for joy.  Generation X, born under Pluto in Virgo, share some Virgoan qualities of service and self-effacement.  In my article on Saoirse Kennedy Hill I discussed the challenges of the generation with Pluto in Sagittarius.

The Millenial generation, born when Pluto was in Scorpio between approximately 1981-82 and 1995-96, share Scorpionic qualities of intensity and a deep understanding and familiarity with the notion of the end of life, an understanding where there are no illusions, no false optimism.  Every individual is different, but this generation generally won’t surround themselves with large number of friends and will count themselves lucky if they have one or two close friends with which to share their secret fears and personal dramas.

Vox also reports that “in a 2016 paper, researchers in Germany found a peak of loneliness in a sample of 16,000 Germans at around age 30, another around age 50, and then increasing again at age 80.”  The researchers did not understand why, but of course we as astrologers can understand immediately that around age 30 we all have the first Saturn Return – the time when Saturn returns to its place in our birthchart, stimulating Saturnian experiences of isolation, self-doubt and criticism, and potentially hardship as well.  These experiences are meant to push us into adulthood, and for some they can be associated with great success.  Others find depression and sadness which can last for several years.  Around age 50-52, Chiron returns to its place in the birthchart and old emotional wounds of abandonment and sadness take us into the depth of the psyche where there can be a general clearing out of psychic debris and damage.  This can be a marvelous time of healing, but it’s not that comfortable.

Difficult astrological charts and cycles aren’t meant simply to make us miserable.  There is a golden seed of transformation and joy within every challenge, whether on a personal level in our own charts, or through the generations.  Scorpio is a sign of power – joy is not its focal point.  Instead, Scorpio seeks Truth with a capital T – an intimate knowledge of sexuality, death and what lies across the veil, and the kind of personal power which enables us to withstand any storm.  This generation understands more than any other the direction in which the world is heading, and that does not inspire them to seek the frivolity of an active social life such as the life those born under Pluto in Sagittarius are driven for.  The path of power is not an easy one and requires great courage and the nature of a warrior.

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