My own blurb about the eclipse is buried in my article about Super Tuesday, but here’s some wisdom from Molly who coordinates the Astrology pages on

This new Moon (Exact on the 6th at 10:44 pm EST) has the potential to be an extraordinary one. It’s an alignment of five planets in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury), a sign of waking up and busting out. It’s the global equivalent of one of those 70s-era decorative spheres, lit up with lightning bolts. There’s excitement from being on the edge of what’s known, and crossing over into unexpected territory. The synapses start firing in new ways, and alter our perception of the world. The new Moon in Aquarius invites us to break out of usual ways of thinking, and make space for the zingy new.

At the same time, we’re plodding through earth now, with Pluto’s penetrating eye turned to structures and institutions (Capricorn).

Saturn retrograding in Virgo snags us on details, and forces things like steady effort and patience. There’s a shift toward seeing things realistically, combined with the Aquarian currents of awakening to new possibilities. Astrowisdom’s Lisa Dale Miller sums up the moment this way: “The combination of these planets in Aquarius and Capricorn represent a mind-blowing head-to-head struggle between the energies of Saturn (reality) and Uranus (innovative vision).”

You can’t get a much more sobering reality than the state of our planet. From too many fish being plucked from the sea to the very soil being stripped of nutrients from overuse. All the earth planets anchor us in that reality, making flights of fancy less possible. More people are actually living with the effects of the deteriorated environment. On the up side, here’s a moment to connect to the great web of life, and envision new possibilities. Changes are happening left and right — like Ireland’s tax on plastic bags — that reflect this urgent to use our resources wisely.

The planets in Aquarius, and notably Mercury retrograde, open our minds in a different way. An Aquarian collective mindset sees beyond the usual stereotypes and formulas. People speak truths that are true for the whole, and not filtered through the needs of the ego. There’s the chance to draw from beyond the known, maybe even talk with E.T. We get a glimpse of how we’re connected through thoughts and ‘vibes.’ Watch for strange phenomenon that demonstrates this — like thinking of someone right before they call.

To sum up, the cosmos is full of dynamic energy, the momentum for change. And yet, we’re more embedded in the density of real life. We’re not freefloating in space, cut adrift from the Mothership, which always seemed like it would be a terrifying way to go. We’re rooted on Earth, and can use that Aquarian creativity and original thinking in ways that involve tangible effort. The ideal is coming up with utopian visions that turn things around, to dare to create heaven on earth.

New Moons are a fresh start, a time of quiet darkness to commune with your spirit, and all those mysterious guides, spirits and allies that whisper in your ear. In Aquarius, your intimately personal visions are seen as part of the greater whole. Find ways to experiment with changing your life by changing your thoughts. Nurture dreams that send the best of you back out into the world.

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