Urania has a lovely post on the occultation of Saturn as the Moon passed over it this morning:

We have the unusual occurence early on the morning of January 6 — Epiphany — of the Moon passing before Saturn within viewing distance of the Earth, which is a very good omen for the domestic agenda of caring for the needs of working people, women and children.

Saturn governs politics and its method is to block and oppose. As Barney Frank said recently when he addressed the National Press Club, the Republicans will have the ability to block and oppose legislation. It’s a power they still have and is built in to the system. (Actually, that power comes from the American Indian’s political consensus model that was adapted by our founding fathers in constructing our governemental procedures.)

The moment of the swearing-in was accurately described by the Full Moon in Cancer, 2007. The Moon and Jupiter were in their own signs, Cancer and Sagittarius, respectively. Children, and many of them, were the visual symbol of the moment at the podium with Nancy Pelosi. It was like the nursery rhyme of the old woman who lived in a shoe, but this time she knows what to do — take away that war budget that is draining away all the money into death and destruction.

::portions snipped::

Saturn, the ruler of politics, remains in Leo, telling us that the father energy is still afflicted. The egotistical king, the cheap dad, is still very much with us, ready to block and oppose the women — Nancy Pelosi and the children and the domestic agenda of the 110th Congress.

Like a gift from the heavens, we have a very good omen early tomorrow morning, as the Moon passes closer to the Earth, before Saturn, occulting Saturn, meaning that the Moon will pick up some of Saturn’s restraint and caution, but she will prevail in her relationship with the Women and Children of the Earth. The Moon will not be blocked. Instead, it will be she who will do the blocking.

The Moon, passing in front of Saturn — so closely after the benevolent moment when the 110th Congress was dedicated to the spirit of common decency and to taking back the budget from the crazy notion of unending warfare — is a very good omen for Congress to do as Barney Frank says he wants to do with our financial matters — return them to the New Deal policies of looking out for the common people.

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