If you live in North Carolina you can visit me this weekend at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Raleigh at the fairgrounds (Kerr Scott Building).  We have lots of beautiful rocks and crystals for sale, and I’ll be doing readings and mini readings.

Meanwhile, in other Saturn-related relationship news, researchers in Edinburgh studied 200 students to determine their feelings about Facebook friends.  At least 12% of them were anxious about their Facebook obligations, and that 12% had an average of 117 “friends.”  The remaining 88% had an average of 75 “friends.”  (This is rather astonishing, because I know high school kids who have over 900 Facebook friends.)

You can read more here, but this was interesting to me because I had just received a Realtor magazine with a cover story titled “Overfriended,” in which the writer revealed that he had spent the past year unfriending people on Facebook.  This author cites a study about a “Dunbar’s number” that limits the number of stable relationships a person can have to 150.

I too decided last year to pare down my Facebook friends to a more manageable number of people that I actually know.  To me the beauty of Facebook is keeping up with the people that you know but don’t get to see very often.  My oldest friend who lives in another state and who I only talk to once a year on our birthdays.  People that I have met online and want to know more about.  Astrology clients who want to share more of their lives with me.  Frequent commenters on my blog who always have interesting things to say.

Like everyone else, I was rather thrilled when my Facebook friend number kept rising, but when it reached around 900 I started to feel overwhelmed.  I had no idea who half of those people were, and I didn’t really care what they ate for breakfast.  And then there are the people that troll other people’s friends list and friend everyone on THEIR list to build up their own friends list.  So I started sending (I hope) nice little notes to people if I had no idea who they were.  Now my Facebook list is much more manageable and I can actually keep up with the people that I care about.

Saturn is all about creating limits in life and establishing meaningful boundaries so that we can be more effective.  What are YOU doing to manage your Facebook world?

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