Jeffrey Kishner also posted on Mel Gibson’s Midheaven problems (thanks for the link Jeffrey!):

Mel was born with a Pisces Midheaven. His public image is that of Christ and the alcoholic, both archetypal expressions of Pisces. Pisces has two rulers — Neptune is the modern ruler, and Jupiter is the traditional ruler. His Jupiter is in Virgo, conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. Jupiter is the planet of religion and faith — his beliefs (Jupiter) are somewhat critical (Virgo), and he is also extremist (Pluto) and judgmental and rigid (Saturn) with regards to issues of faith.


Transiting retrograde Pluto on Friday 7/28 was at 24 degrees, 27 minutes Sagittarius. According to the birth time of 4:45 pm on January 3, 1956 in Peekskill, NY (chart), Mel’s Midheaven is at 24 degrees, 22 minutes Pisces — an exact square (give 5 minutes, which is a twelfth of a degree). Hence, the planet of destruction and rebirth is tearing down Mel’s public image, as well as exposing his Piscean complexes.

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