As we complete the powerful Scorpio week with five planets clustered in that sign of passion and intensity here is another dimension from Robert Wilkinson:

Scorpio is devotion made manifest, showing us our desire and what we’re willing to do to get it. Like Taurus, it shows us the lessons of “mine and thine” as we interact with others. It is the part of us willing to hold the line on what we want and how we wish to possess others. This sign deeply merges into shared values with others, yet also knows how to draw clear and definite boundaries between the values and desires of each.

Scorpio, when freed of the traps of perpetual dissatisfaction, stubbornness, excessive desire, and not knowing when to stop, demonstrates a consistency and reliability in sustaining the collective effort. They are devoted warriors that will hold the line unto death if need be, hanging in there when everybody else has bailed. Scorpio, like Libra, is highly socialized and need people, but are less likely to compromise as they strive to get closer and closer to the object they are attracted to. [emphasis added]

Sometimes too impulsive, they persist in rhythmic activity that flows from icy calm to fiery intensity, movement to rest to movement in an unending spiral of evolution. When Scorpio learns to let go of possessiveness, jealousy, suspicion, and any tendencies to be domineering, dishonest, or violent they become a living miracle of trustworthy, heroic courage. They are master healers, creative and inspiring, one-pointed and tenacious in their mission of service.

The challenge of Scorpio is to experience the intensity fully and then surrender. It’s a tough assignment. All of us have Scorpio in our chart somewhere and this Scorpio period activates that dynamic in our own charts. Even if Scorpio can be found only on the cusp of one of the twelve houses in our chart, the issues of that house helps to guide us towards that surrender.

I’ll be writing more on Pluto and the Galactic Center (exactly conjunct December 26) over Thanksgiving week when I have some time off and can do more research. This has been a very Plutonic year what with the reclassification of Pluto and its conjunction with the GC. Transformation is afoot, and only time will tell what forms it all will take. Take advantage of the end of this Scorpio period to slough off the chaff of your life that no longer serves you, and prepare for the rebirth to come.

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