Watch the video here.

There has been virtually no media coverage of this event outside of a few minor journals in the UK. I found an article that reports a wedding having released Chinese-style “glow” lanterns that very day. However, the glow lanterns that I found on the internet don’t look anything like UFOs.

One astute writer found this site with “fire balloons” that look rather like the glowing balls in the video. Still, even if these balloons were six feet tall, when hovering thousands of feet above the spectators I would think they would appear to be very tiny, not huge twinkling glowing orange balls.

There has been no investigation of the O’Hare sighting in Chicago, despite reports by pilots and other credible witnesses and a nearly complete news blackout on both of these events.

I found a report of another sighting in January that had not been reported in the major media: this time retired Air Force colonel Brian Fields, a Christian who did not believe in alien life forms, took pictures of lights that appear similar to the ones reported in the UK. Fields is reported to have said, “Be awake, be mindful you can be deceived,” he said. “There are things that can shake our world.”

Whether these events are indeed UFOs or not, they deserve to be investigated so that the truth can be discovered.

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