Most news reports are now speaking of revolution in Iran.  As I wrote a few days ago, transiting Uranus (revolution and sudden change) is passing right over Mars in the chart of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Nancy Waterman writes:

Mars in this chart is in the 8th house and ruler of the 9th house (Aries cusp), the Sun (in Aries), and co-ruler of the 4th house (Scorpio cusp). Thus, this transit is shaking up the rulership of the country (the Sun), bringing the feel of deeply hidden rancor coming out into the open and causing transformation (8th house), and convulsing the people and the foundation of the country (4th house). In addition, there is the inflammation, anger, confrontation, and sudden eruption of rebellion and violence inherent in a Mars/Uranus combination. This transit will continue through late August, exact on August 23, and then return in February 2010. It has been intensively activated by the transits of the Sun (25 Gemini) and Mars (10 Taurus) in the past few days, culminating around 7:30 PM local time on June 17 with the exact square of transiting Sun and transiting Uranus.

Looking a little more deeply into the Iran charts, this revolution, if that’s what it becomes, likely has its roots in the conjunction of the progressed Sun (the national identity) in the Iran chart to Chiron (the wound to the soul) back in March of 2008.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected in 2005 as a populist – someone who understood the common people.  Instead, he imposed cultural restrictions on the rights of women and forced university professors and scientists to retire.  His promises have not come to pass, and many Iranians want a change that comes with more personal freedom and liberty.

We see this desire for liberty with the transit of Uranus over Mars in the chart of Iran.  Mars is conjunct Mercury in that chart, and Uranus is within a degree of a transit over Mercury as well although that transit won’t realize its full effect until March of next year.  Uranus is stationing now in preparation for its retrograde turn in a few weeks, and its influence is particularly powerful as it sits right on that Iranian Mars, fueling the call for change and a new government for the people.

The Midheaven in a national chart signifies the government of that country and its role in world politics.  Chiron is very close to the Midheaven in the Iranian chart, describing the wound to its position in the world and the necessity of healing that wound.  Over the past few years the progressed Sun has transited the natal position of Chiron as well as progressed Chiron and it is now sitting right at the Midheaven of the chart.  We see in this the urge of the country to shine (Sun) for all to see – to gain the respect and admiration of the international community and at the same time assert its independence and heal its image.

As Nancy wrote, transiting Mars (rage, expression of Will) was in an exact conjunction to the Midheaven as the rebellion spread following the election results, and at the same time it was transiting the progressed Sun.  Because Mars is a faster-moving planet it tends to ignite other planetary events and in this case it set the revolution on fire.

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