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Last week I posted a profile of James Holmes, the gunman in the Aurora Colorado movie theater shooting. However, a birth certificate has been located and we now have a time for  Holmes that provides a more accurate chart.  The chart is posted on but for some reason they do not use Chiron in these charts and Chiron plays an extremely significant role in the chart as it forms a Grand Cross (see my other article for more details).

With an exact birth time we can see the exact placement of the natal Moon, which is at the very last degree of Virgo.  The 29th degree, sometimes called the “critical” or “anaretic” degree, is associated with the endings of cycles and new beginnings.  The word “anaretic” derives from “anareta,” which in medieval astrology signified the planet of death in the natal horoscope.  This is likely what has given the 29th degree such a bad rap in traditional astrology, although endings are often  the harbinger of new beginnings and not to be feared.  However, there can be a sense of something critical to occur in an individual’s life, and this is made more true by the conjunction of the Moon to the South Node in the chart, representing karma from the past.

Leo is rising in the chart, so Holmes is a person who needs attention and admiration – he needs to be Somebody.  With a Leo ascendant there is a tremendous amount of fire in this chart including four planets in Sagittarius.  Yet the Moon (emotions and inner world) at the last degree of Virgo (critical perfectionism) is locked in this painful Grand Cross between Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, and Saturn/Uranus (restriction and rebellion, tied together and operating simultaneously).

Knowing the birth time gives us an accurate sense of the progressed chart and that helps us to understand more about what is happening in the cycle of his psychological evolution.  His progressed Moon has been moving through a harmonious trine to the Sun (Self), Saturn (planning and organization) and Uranus (breaking free of restriction).  For someone with an impulse to violence, this sort of harmonious aspect can unlock inhibitions and bestow confidence especially when transiting Jupiter aspects the progressed angles (ascendant and midheaven) of the chart such as was happening for Mr. Holmes last week.  Jupiter’s beneficence can bring out the best in us – but it can also give the disturbed the confidence required to carry out terrible deeds.

The chart did not compel Mr. Holmes to engage in this horrific act.  Many people with the same chart would have made other choices to heal and transform their lives to work through their inner pain and challenges.  Each and every one of us make these choices every day, and every choice that we make can completely change the outcome.

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