You read it here first: When I put up the post on Thursday afternoon about Carradine’s death, speculating that the likely cause of Carradine’s death was autoerotic asphyxiation, a Google search turned up no other articles on this topic.  Now the details of Carradine’s tragic death have come out and there is no doubt that this was indeed the cause of his death.

When there is a fascination with the dark side of sexuality, we usually find a strong Pluto component to the chart.  Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth and transformation, but it also has to do with intensity and compulsion and a fascination with the dark side of life.  Carradine had a nearly exact opposition of Pluto to Venus in his birthchart, linking that compulsive nature (Pluto) to his relationships and patterns of relating to others. Venus/Pluto combinations can be problematic for relationships, and Carradine was married five times.

While Venus/Pluto combinations are nearly always difficult to some degree, they do NOT manifest the same way for everyone.  The variables in human behavior makes astrology a less-than-exact science, and there are plenty of people with these combinations who go on to lead a healthy and happy life.  I myself have Venus in Scorpio square Pluto, as I told someone in the comments section, and I have never been at all interested in this kind of darkness.  It’s always easier to go back and demonstrate correspondences between the chart and behavior than to predict exactly how a planetary system will operate.  So if your loved one has this in their chart, do NOT worry that they will die in a closet in Bangkok.

We don’t know the exact position of the Moon because we don’t know Carradine’s time of birth, but it was definitely in range to form a challenging square to both Venus and Pluto which would have exacerbated this challenge and enhance the desire for intensity in his private life.

The husband of a friend of mine was going through a difficult Pluto transit and she started finding links to BDSM websites on the computer, something she had never seen before.  When the Pluto transit was over, so was the bizarre web history.  Carradine wasn’t having a Pluto transit when all of this was happening, but transiting Mars (desire and aggression) began a challenging square to the Moon/Venus/Pluto combination in his chart beginning around May 22 that would have stimulated a powerful sexual desire and more urgent need for release.

We have already seen that Carradine had a challenging system in his chart that likely caused depression and a damaged sense of self.  (Visit my earlier article for more details on this and the transit of Saturn at the time of death.)  Evidently Carradine had considered suicide at various times in his life, and although this does not appear to be a case of intentional suicide there is certainly an element of tempting one’s fate in this kind of practice.

We don’t see any of the usual signatures in a death chart here; not the most obvious presence of Pluto, god of death; not Jupiter, often found in death charts where there is a liberation from a difficult life; not Uranus, found in charts where death is of a shocking nature.  Unlike some astrologers who enjoy testing their predictive skills, I believe that the events of our life are not set in stone and therefore cannot be predicted.  I think it’s likely that some deaths are truly accidental and were not part of the life path of the individual and that is very likely the case here.

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