5061842_sWe are in range now of the Mars/Uranus conjunction which is exact on the 29th and occurs in concert to a square of Mars to Jupiter on the 30th. Mars moves relatively quickly, but these are intense energies that have a strong impact even though the experience will only last a week or so.

This cycle will be softened somewhat by the fact that Mars is in Pisces and therefore more considerate of others, but in some ways that could be more difficult as both Uranus (radical rebellion) and Jupiter (fanaticism) enter into a conflict with the god of war.

There is a tremendous amount of energy released with these combinations, and Mars in Pisces will desire to shove any conflict that comes up under the rug. This is where it can become dangerous since that energy needs to be released during this time. Vigorous physical activity is one of the best ways to release that energy so that it doesn’t erupt in major conflict or create reckless behavior. Mars will make a quincunx (150 degree) aspect to Saturn at the same time and Saturn’s tendency to restrict and limit may push Mars into a corner where it feels it must react. A trine from Jupiter to Saturn now will aid us in making a conscious effort to be responsible (Saturn) during this period will also facilitate Saturn’s ability to enhance the energy of Mars so that it flows in a productive manner.

Update: Several of you have written me of being personally affected to the extreme with this transit. If find yourself having problems look at your chart and see what planets you have between 12 and 25 or so degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. Those are the planets being affected right now by the Mars/Jupiter/Uranus event.

If like Nona in the comments you still feel angry after exercise, it could be that your anger is more than energy. See what your anger has to tell you, and then direct it appropriately. As I mentioned in the comments but want to emphasize, a healthy expression of anger is essential for our physical as well as mental health!!

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