Chiron Neptune conjunctionI did a reading for a brand new baby the other day.  I love doing consultations for parents of beings that have just entered the earth plane, because it’s all about possibilities and choices and talents and skills.  Challenges too, of course, but when we understand the charts of children, parents, spouses, siblings – really anyone! – a new level of conscious awareness improves the way that we relate to each other.

Anyway, this baby of course has the approaching conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron and Neptune. This triple conjunction has been building for quite some time and will culminate within a half a degree on May 26.  All children born at this time have this conjunction in their charts, and in fact all children born between around March 2008, when Chiron and Neptune first entered the orb of their conjunction, and around April of 2011 when they meet for the last time, will be the “Chiron Neptune” generation.

Neptune is the planet that drives us to fulfill our spiritual longing.  Every individual has in their nature a longing for an experience that will provide us with a connection to our inner Self.  For some of us this manifests in a desire for the perfect bowling score.  For some it is an experience of God in a Church.  For some it is a few beers when we get home from work, or losing ourself in a beautiful piece of music.  The experience is different – the motivation is the same.

When we add the experience of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, it becomes necessary to process any psychological and emotional blocks in order to gain that Neptunian experience.  Chiron doesn’t just invite us to enter the inner world of our abandoned psychic debris – it throws that stuff up in our face where we have to face it.  Our emotions can run wild, feeling out of control, as any old undigested memories or emotional angst surfaces so that it can be dealt with.  This process can be exhilarating if we surrender to it and treat it just like cleaning out the basement.  It’s a painful process to go down there and see all of the crap that has accumulated, but a thrilling feeling to be rid of it once and for all.  The Chironic process helps to open the heart more and more fully, and in this process we gain greater wisdom and a phenomenal sense of peace.

The addition of Jupiter here is a two-edged sword.  On the one hand the conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune expands (Jupiter) the longing for spiritual redemption and renewal (Neptune) which can lead us to incredible experiences of spiritual advancement now.  On the other hand, Jupiter can lead to excesses of escapist behavior and flights of fantasy, both of which fall under the dark side of Neptune’s domain..

If this triple conjunction is triggering a planet in your own chart, you are likely experiencing a highly emotional state right now and some resistance to the surrender that is required now.  Letting go to the river of spiritual evolution isn’t easy, but if you can stay in the canoe during this exciting whitewater ride of the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, you will emerge having freed yourself and able to enter a higher level of awareness and conscious action.

The generation that embodies this planetary combination will, I feel, be extremely sensitive and easily wounded.  But they will also possess the tools to process their wounds quickly and emerge as deeply human but also amazing spiritual beings.

I found this gorgeous art on the web but it was unattributed.  If you know who created this piece please let me know!

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