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This week like so many others Rich and I took a trip (with our NASA authorized glasses) to a location in South Carolina where the path of the eclipse would exhibit maximum totality.  The most incredible part of the eclipse experience was witnessing the explosion of light after the shadow of the Moon covered the Sun.  As an astrologer I tend to focus more on the inner landscape of planetary events and less on the astronomical, but it was still a miracle to witness such an amazing display of nature’s majesty.

One thing I don’t like about my job is that other’s people fears create business opportunities.  The hype around the effect of this eclipse was so immense that I had clients calling me afraid to travel during the eclipse.  One was afraid to start a new job.  One thought her marriage would end.  One thought she would probably die because the eclipse was on her ascendant, but our reading actually occurred when the lunar eclipse was on her Pluto!  And of course she was just fine.

To be fair, most of the doomsayers were religious fanatics rather than astrologers, and in the midst of my first total eclipse I understood why ancient humans were so afraid of eclipses.  The world suddenly goes dark as the Moon eats the Sun, birds and insects go quiet, and the light fades in a particularly eerie fashion as darkness drains the color from the world and replaces it with blackness.

Eclipses are important astrologically because they occur when the lunar nodes are conjunct (aligned with) the Sun and Moon.  Because the lunar nodes symbolize our destiny, from the past at the south node to the future at the north node, eclipses do tend to illuminate a doorway or portal into our future.  They can be magnificent times when the heart opens and the false ego falls away.  They can be times of awakening, when a great realization can occur that changes our lives forever.

What they don’t tend to do is cause the world to end.

This particular eclipse fell right on the ascendant (the persona) in the chart of Donald J. Trump, and very near his Mars (the warrior).  It’s that Mars/ascendant combination that gives him the forceful personality for which he is known.  During the week leading up to the eclipse there were indeed a number of events that strongly affected his presidency and likely changes his fate:  the disaster in Charlottesville, the resignation/firing of Steve Bannon.  But Trump has had a lot of bad weeks before – a Google search for “Donald Trump’s bad week” turned up quite a few such weeks.  But this past was the worst yet.  In fact, CNN has ranked six of Trump’s bad weeks and details why this past week before the eclipse was the worst one yet.

The effect of a solar eclipse tends to begin about a week before the event and begins to wane for a week after the event.

I’d love to hear your experiences of the eclipse!  Please share them in the comments.

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