I did readings all day yesterday at the Body, Mind Spirit expo in Raleigh yesterday, and while there was a noticeable lack of vendors at the show, the attendance numbers were way up.  It was interesting to see what kind of experiences people were having, but I did notice an underlying theme: people’s lives are being changed, whether they ask for it or not.  We would expect that people who come for readings are in a time of crisis of some sort, but this feels different than the usual assortment of life experiences.

These changes and transformations are occurring at a much deeper level and have to do with the big question:  What is my life path?  One querent was laid off and was trying to figure out what to do next, forced to evaluate how he wanted to shape his life.  One, having “found out” that her marriage was over after staying home to raise her young children, was facing beginning a new career that would have more meaning for her.

This, I believe, is a function of Pluto now traveling through Capricorn.  I know that I have experienced this myself – how to incorporate my real estate business, lucrative but exhausting, into a life that has a strong spiritual foundation as well as an active and wonderful astrological consulting practice?  These are big questions – we think of Capricorn as ruling career, but it’s really more than that.  Capricorn, Saturn, the Midheaven and the Tenth House are all concerned with how we express ourselves through a Life Path – a work that feeds our soul and aids our spiritual development.  This can be our career, but not always.  If you’re a waitress, but your soul longs to act on the stage, then waitressing is your sixth house job and acting would be your Midheaven path.

We saw this deepening of intention when Pluto made a conjunction to the Galactic Center a year or so ago, and a growing realization among individuals that a deeper attention to our lives was required.  Pluto’s focus in Capricorn, and the associated problems of the global economy, has forced many of us to take a harder look at our lives and the work that we are doing, and evaluate whether or not it is satisfying at the soul level.  It’s easy to say “times are too hard, I just need to get a job.”  But it’s important to remember that we are co-creating our reality at every moment, and if we ask the wrong questions we’ll get the wrong answers.

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