From April Elliot Kent

Lots of people are writing about Venus, which moved into Scorpio on September 11th.  Because I have Venus in Scorpio, and it’s squared by Pluto which is the modern ruler of Scorpio, making this a double whammy of Plutonian Venus energy, I feel I am somewhat the expert on the subject and not in a way that is particularly fun to talk about!

Scorpio has a traditional ruler (Mars) and a modern ruler (Pluto), and like all double-ruled signs it offers two roads of experience.  One is the reactive road of the lower octave (Mars), in which we struggle to squeeze the receptive, loving, harmonious qualities of Venus into the necessary aggression and fierce independence of Mars.  The Mars influence can also operate through the courageous (Mars) protection of those we love (Venus) such as the Jodie Foster quote in the photo to the left.

But it is the Pluto influence that gives Scorpio its transformative power.  Through Pluto we are forced into the Underworld of death and sexual abuse where we are required to give up the power of Ego and Selfhood and be baptized by an alchemical fire.  Ultimately we emerge from this darkness into a transformed world of magic and beauty, but in the Scorpio experience the outcome cannot be obtained without the trial.

This sort of intensity makes it difficult to approach human interaction with anything resembling superficiality or casual connection which can be exhausting for the partners of Scorpionic people.  But as one of those people myself, I like to think that the reward of personal transformation and the kernel of magic that nestles within the drama, ready to emerge at any moment, is worth it.

Venus will be in Scorpio through October 10th at which time we will be glad to see it move into fun-loving Sagittarius when the party can begin.  Each of the signs take us through a sequential journey of experience that enriches our lives and Scorpio is no exception.  This week Venus is particularly active, linking Saturn and Pluto tomorrow (conjunct Saturn, sextile Pluto) and Chiron on the 20th (trine) in a way that will solidify and forge bonds of truth and heailng in all of our relationships.  This aspect is embedded in the chart of the Pisces Full Moon that we will discuss tomorrow.

Meanwhile, let go and go deep into the waters of connection.  Allow them to wash away the old patterns of loving and leave you with the Truth that remains.

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