On Friday, NASA’s LCROSS mission will crash a rocket into a crater on the lunar surface at 7:30 am Eastern time.  The mission is designed to search for surface water in the polar regions of the Moon that normally cannot be easily seen.
The “bombing” of the Moon has elicited a huge reaction from those of us who are sensitive to the impact of technology on the natural world.  There are “stop the bombing of the Moon” campaigns on Facebook and blogs, and many are weeping at the destruction of the Moon.  Meanwhile, scientists say that the impact of the rocket will be equivalent to two tons of TNT and hit the Moon at 5,600 miles per hour that will “create one more dimple on the moonscape.”
It’s no surprise that people are having an emotional reaction – the Moon in astrology represents the world of emotions and the feeling nature.  The Moon is our security – our instinctive reactions.  When we gaze up at a full Moon with wonder, we are connecting to it in an almost primal way, taking in the inspiration and magic just as humans have for millions of years.  So the idea that fellow humans are deliberately crashing rockets into the Moon gives us a feeling that we need to protect the Moon.
In looking at astrological correlations to this event, the question of where to draw the chart is an interesting one.  Do we draw it from the place the mission originated?  If we draw the chart for the moment of impact on the Moon, can we use a geocentric chart (from our perspective on earth)?  We can, if we want to see what the planetary energies are like and how they will affect US at the time of the event.
The astrological chart for the impact at 7:30 am on Friday October 9 shows the Sun in Libra.  The Moon itself is in Gemini, where it likes to exchange information, but it is in a waxing square to Uranus and Venus so there are likely to be some surprises (Uranus) that come from the mission, and some conflict (Moon square to Venus) and emotional disruption.
Mars (arguably representing the rocket) conjoins the lunar South Node.  This is not the first time that the Moon has been hit by an impact, and Mars on the South Node implies that there could be a discovery or revelation of these past events.  Conspiracy theorists have speculated for years that there is abundant evidence of previous settlements on the Moon, but I doubt that if anything is found it will be made known to us.
The Moon will be exactly trine Chiron as the rocket hits, which bodes well for the healing potential of the lunar body, and it is approaching a trine to Neptune which suggests that the Moon’s magic (Neptune)  will not be lost as a result of this event.
These space bodies are pretty tough and have been around for a long time, and with this basically positive astrological environment I think that we can relax and turn our worries to other matters where we can actually have an impact.
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