Chiron and Neptune turn directNeptune and Chiron both change direction in a few days after traveling retrograde since earlier this year, which means their (apparent) motion has slowed to a virtual standstill as they prepare to move forward again.  These two have been tied together since early in 2009, and although the exact conjunction was complete in 2010, since then the two have been within three degrees of each other. When the Soul Healer (Chiron) and the Soul Teacher (Neptune) get together, you know there is some serious internal work to be done and we are likely to find that to be true over the next week or so when both planets change their apparent direction (planets don’t really move backwards, but because we observe the movement of the planets from earth they sometimes appear to change direction).

Over the next few days we have another smaller, but still important planetary cycle involving the opposition (180 degrees) of Mars to both Chiron and Neptune.  Mars represents our drive and our desires; it inspires and motivates us to achieve our wishes and dreams.  It’s the aggressive force, and when blocked it can turn angry and frustrated.  Mars is in Leo now where it particularly wants to have its own way and resists losing control, but over the next few days Mars will be opposed by Neptune.

Neptune is the transcendent urge – it inspires us to seek experiences that go beyond the boundaries of our day-to-day reality, and it tends to blur and soften the urges of Mars.  This can be confusing if we are determined to get our way, but if we use this time to seek the wisdom of the soul instead of the ego during this time we can achieve a greater sense of unity and harmony.

Mars moves into Virgo on the 9th and the aggressive instinct will immediately become more modest and less bombastic, which will be a big help with the opposition of Chiron to Mars.  Chiron’s role is to clear our emotional and energetic blocks so that we can see with new eyes.  Chiron bestows wisdom and awareness, and when it interacts with Mars there can be a release of any frustration and anger that has been clogging up our ability to see our lives with clarity.

As with any important Mars cycle, adequate exercise to release any excess energy will assist us in easier integration.

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