Artwork by T Newfields

Neptune turns retrograde this morning, bringing the number of retrograde planets to four (Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron and Neptune). When planets are in “retrograde” motion, they appear to be moving backwards from our position here on Earth, and they tend to cause us to look backwards over issues that are governed by that planet’s energy. This is particularly significant in a year like this one, which has seen some strong planetary configurations. As these planets retrograde they will revisit some of the other contacts they’ve made over the past six months or so.

Robert Wilkinson gives a great summary of the effects we will be encountering over the next six months or so.

Neptune will be retrograde until October 29, reminding us that life is more than material reality. I love the way Kevin Burk describes it: “Neptune is the infinite creative potential of the Universe. Neptune is the Truth that everything we experience is illusion; but more than that, Neptune is the Truth that everything that we imagine is true.” Neptune dissolves our individual ego in a way that can be exhilarating and enlightening, or scary as hell, depending on the nature of our relationship with it. Neptune can bring confusion and cause delusion as it works to untangle our attachment to the material world, and requires us to go deep within ourselves for the answers.

Because Neptune and Chiron are both retrograde and both in Aquarius (a fixed sign), dancing in and around challenging aspects to Jupiter and Saturn (also fixed signs), those of us with planets in the fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus will be particularly affected over the next six months. The fixed signs tend to be more rigid and unyielding with a strong need for control. Neptune necessitates the letting go of that control, and softening any hard resistance that keeps us from allowing the connection with our true self that lies within. Meditation, relaxation practices, dance and creative pursuits are the doorway to a successful Neptune experience.

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