Image by Frank Laumen

Image by Frank Laumen

This crop circle was found at 5:30 am.  The Crop Circle Connector field report seems to suggest that it was made using mechanical means, but it’s a fascinating image nonetheless.

Harold Stryderight tells us that the figure 8 refers to the upcoming lunar eclipse:

Each big circle of balls of increasing size shows an almost complete lunar phase cycle of 22 days (where the full number equals 29.5). Then 14 or 15 small “spikes” between balls tell on which days our Moon will appear above the horizon at sunset, moving west to east each day, so as to lie eventually opposite the setting Sun on August 16 (the exact number of days equals 14.75). Similar symbols were shown in lunar-phase drawings from Stonehenge 1996, Windmill Hill 1996, Milk Hill 2001 or East Field 2007.

At its centre, we can see the ancient Celtic Cross symbol for “planet Earth” (from Wiltshire 1990-1992), superimposed partly on the largest ball or “full Moon” which has been already 15 days above the horizon at sunset. On that day–August 16—planet Earth will come directly between our Sun and the Moon, so as to create an 81% partial shadow on the Moon as shown.

All data and images taken from Crop Circle Connector story.

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