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Mercury passed yesterday from practical Capricorn into innovative Aquarius. This marks a transition in the way we process information and communicate with each other (Mercury’s domain), and Mercury will be in Aquarius longer than usual (through March 14) due to its retrograde period from January 28 to February 18 which will take it back.

Today’s New Moon features the Sun and Moon conjunct in Capricorn. We have had a strong Capricorn influence since the Capricorn Stellium of mid-December, and this New Moon continues the Earth theme that we are seeing this month. With the New Moon in Capricorn, our focus is on building structures in our life that support us. Discipline, responsibility, commitment – these are the hallmarks of the Capricorn experience. This New Moon provides an opportunity to manifest our dreams in a real and concrete manner. Capricorn is the sign that says “Just Do It.” No excuses, no rationalizations.

However, we have a strong Aquarian component that helps us to lift and expand the Capricorn influence here, with Mercury having just entered Aquarius and Chiron and Neptune both carrying the visionary Aquarian torch as well. Three planets in Aquarius PLUS the North Node, – this is a strong force for overturning the status quo and creating something that is authentically true. Aquarius is humanitarian but it can be unkind as its sometimes excessive rationality leaves no room for the human emotions. Star Trek’s Dr. Spock is a good example of the Aquarius archetype. Brilliant, fair, rational – but without compassion. The humanitarian instincts of Aquarius stem from an innate sense of fairness rather than feeling.

The New Moon makes a sextile to Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius). Uranus shares the Aquarian essence of innovation and change. This will help us to create new ways (Aquarius) of building structures (Capricorn) in our lives. The New Moon energy is strongest during the three days before and the three days after the actual lunation, making this an excellent time for planning and reorganizing.

Venus has been a strong influence over the past week with several aspects, and this continues harmonious aspect (sextile) to Chiron (wounding, healing and wisdom) on the 10th which opens the door to healing and understanding. This leads nicely to a square of Venus to Uranus (independence and sudden change) on the 12th that is likely to bring about a fierce need for freedom and independence in our dealings with others and personal relationships.

Just as things calm down from the excitement of the Venus/Uranus square, Venus makes a lovely sextile to Neptune on the 16th. Neptune is often referred to (by me, anyway) as the “higher octave of Venus.” Where Venus is associated with personal relationships and affection, Neptune is divine love and compassion. When Venus and Neptune dance together, a flood of creativity and beauty is released and opportunities abound for creativity and imagination. However, this is not an ideal time for business ventures as we are less realistic than usual now.

This New Moon period has the potential to be much more exciting and interesting than its Capricorn signature would ordinarily signify. If you have a new project in mind, or a new vision to manifest, this is the perfect time!

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