Cancer New Moon 2014The New Moon in Cancer takes place at 4:08 am on June 27th – the beginning of a new lunar cycle that takes us into a journey of exploration into the ways in which we connect with the people around us.

The sign Cancer brings us in touch with our family roots, but “family” can be defined in many different ways.  Most narrowly, “family” is defined as a group of related individuals living in a household together.  But family is widely defined as “a group of people sharing a common ancestor” – the family of humanity.  So the concern now is yes – our loved ones and those with whom we share a familial bond.  But also connections to our community, our cultural group, our spiritual family – all of these are important under the Cancer New Moon which seeks comfort and security through emotional connections with others.

The balance of nurturing and being cared for oneself is important under the Cancerian influence.  I have long thought of Ceres as being a “higher octave” planet of the Moon – where the Moon provides solace and comfort for the personality and the body, Ceres provides nourishment for our incarnation and relationship to the Earth herself.

Because of the emotionality of Cancer, relationships are crucial to the Cancerian New Moon.  Venus (relating, affection) has just moved into Gemini on the 23rd, and for the next few weeks communication will be the key to unlocking our interpersonal relationships.  It may be that new people will come into our life and introduce new energies and relationship.

Mars (aggression) is opposite Uranus (radical behavior) right now, and this  aspect is embedded in the chart for the New Moon in Cancer. The desire to find a cocoon of emotional safety that Cancer inspires will be somewhat minimized by the opposing need to burst out on one’s own with Mars/Uranus.  However, a trine from Mercury (understanding) to the North Node (destiny) locke into the New Moon chart helps to foster a deeper understanding of where our life is really headed and facilitate the integration of these conflicting influences.

The New Moon in Cancer seeks to find a place of solace and comfort, either in the personal family, the community, the “tribe,” the nation.  There is a desire to connect and to nurture, and to find nurturing as well.  Mars/Uranus encourages us to break out of our established ideas of what gives us that solace and comfort, to find a new way of nurturing our loved ones and ourselves that goes beyond the traditions of our communities.

A trine from the New Moon to Neptune (spirituality, creativity) that culminates a few days after the New Moon will help to unlock the mysteries, and open up our hearts so that wisdom can make a home there.  Venus and Neptune are in conflict right now which could cast a bit of fog making it somewhat difficult for us to see clearly for a few days, but this aspect can also enhance creativity and deepen our spiritual connections if we let go of the practical and embrace the mysterious.

At the New Moon we wipe the slate clean, and begin anew with a fresh start.  This New Moon teaches us that the patterns that provided comfort in the past no longer work in the same way, and new patterns must be created in order to find increased compassion and connection.

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