Aquarius New Moon 2012The Sun and the Moon will unite in Aquarius at 2:39 am on January 23rd (Eastern) or 7:39 am GMT.  We call this the New Moon but it is technically the “dark” of the Moon – not even a sliver of the lunar light is reflected by the Sun.

The New Moon marks the beginning of the new lunar cycle, and it provides an energetic boost to us as well.  Each month we have a New Moon in a different sign, and the New Moon falls in a different house in our natal chart.  This offers us an opportunity to begin anew with a fresh slate and a clean vision.

The symbol for Aquarius is called the “Water Bearer” – Aquarius carries the emotional realm (signified by water) into the realm of the practical.  The traditional ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, after all, and although we modern folks tend to focus primarily on the modern aspect of Aquarius as the eccentric (the gift of Uranus, its modern ruler) Aquarius is also the scientist and the innovative technician, both Saturnian models.

This New Moon is highlighted by Mars, which has slowed down to a station and turns retrograde just after the Sun and Moon conjoin in the New Moon.  When a planet is stationary its influence becomes more powerful, and even now Mars has slowed to a crawl and we are seeing reversals and surprises reflected in the world around us.  (See this article for more about  Mars retrograde.)

Mercury is in a harmonious trine to Mars on the day of the New Moon which will help the mind accelerate to keep up with Mars activity, and that will help us to channel the high energy that Mars will be beaming on us.

The Aquarius New Moon on the 23rd contains that beam of energy, and is focused on creative originality and new beginnings. Again we have a “double whammy” because the Aquarius Moon and Sun harmonize with Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius. Uranus inspires radical change to the status quo, and urges us to innovate our lives with new ways of thinking and ideas that seem to come out of nowhere.

We also have a square from Jupiter to the Sun and Jupiter now squares the Moon as well so there is some frustration as the our confidence expands and the soul yearns to find its highest expression in a world which is limited.  In addition, Saturn is within range of a square to the New Moon and seeks to cancel out Jupiter’s confidence with a healthy dose of self-doubt. A strong Jupiter influence can sometimes cause us to respond with a lack of sense, especially if we are more impulsive by nature and Saturn’s strong presence in this dynamic will almost ensure that this occurs if we fail to consider the practical implications of all that we do now.

Aquarius is all about change, and with so much Jupiterian and Uranian energy combining with the assertive strength of Mars right now, change is just about assured.  As always, we have a choice: we can either go willingly and trust the Universe to bring our lives into greater balance, or we can try to resist and hold on to the aspects of our lives which we know in our hearts won’t fit the new reality of our changing lives.

Aquarius teaches that change and innovation doesn’t have to be frightening – that transformation and personal growth fulfill our soul’s longing for purpose and connection to our higher selves and a life that is far beyond what we can conceive of today.

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