Cancer new moon 2012 We have had a couple of intense weeks between the square between Uranus and Pluto (discussed in numerous places on this blog) and a strong influence of Mars setting off a series of planets over the past week or so. This intensity is embedded in the chart of the New Moon in Cancer on the 19th (18th in any time zone west of Eastern time).

The New Moon offers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew, and in Cancer we find ourselves discovering emotional depth that we may have ignored in the past. Cancer rules the inner world – our feelings, our desire to nurture and be cared for, our tribal identifications such as to family or country.

The Cancerian New Moon is extra sensitive, and with Mars in an awkward in conjunct to Chiron during the New Moon this may not be the most comfortable time emotionally. Feelings are being elicited from us that may leave us feeling exposed and raw (Mars), but it’s all part of the energetic shift that is helping us to release some of the emotional sheathing that is no longer needed and which may be holding us back from the kind of energetic transformation that is occurring now. Saturn is challenging the New Moon, so some kind of focused plan or effort will be required to navigate this lunation (lunar event).

Honoring this time of sacred new beginnings by creating a solid intention will help to integrate Saturn in a way that is useful and beneficial, especially since Jupiter embraces us with positive energy at the New Moon. Meanwhile a beneficial aspect from Jupiter to Uranus helps us to gain greater understanding at the higher level, and a pleasant trine from Mars to Jupiter gives us the confidence and enthusiasm we need to embrace these changes and look forward to the positive effects they will bring. A challenging square from Jupiter to Chiron is just beginning to make itself known at the New Moon but will culminate on the 24th. For a week or so before and a few days after that date we may feel particularly sensitive as the urge for freedom (Jupiter) rushes to heal old wounds (Chiron) perhaps a bit before we feel we are ready. Jupiter opens the doors to liberation, so while this heightened sensitivity isn’t comfortable, it can be the key to personal freedom.

New Moons are times to create something new, so look inside your life to see where a fresh new beginning is ready to make itself known. For more planetary news visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.


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