Today’s Cancerian New Moon comes on the heels of the transit of the Moon through the Uranus/Pluto square  as it prepares to meet the Sun for the New Moon, so the theme of the emotionality of Cancer set against the backdrop of the larger force for change that is the challenging dance between Uranus and Pluto (see the comments in the sidebar if you are not familiar with this cycle).

When the Moon is in Cancer we tend to be a little moody as our emotions take precedence. Family and friends become more important and there is a desire to nestle into a safe space free from intrusion by the chaotic world around us.  With the outer world more chaotic now, finding balance is even more crucial than usual and this is the theme of this New Moon.

The Moon and Sun are conjoined at the New Moon, fusing the solar conscious experience with the lunar instinctive drives.  At this New Moon that conjunction is opposite Pluto, suggesting that there is a reaction to the pressure for transformation that Pluto applies, especially now as it is squared by Uranus. In fact, the New Moon itself is squared by Uranus and becomes a part of that larger dynamic which calls on us to leave the past behind and surrender any part of our identity that no longer serves us in our Brave New World. The New Moon also includes a conjunction to Mercury, suggesting that our innate intelligence is an aid at this time.

As a glorious blessing, the New Moon is also the apex of a Kite formation that includes a harmonious watery Grand Trine to offset and support the pressure of Uranus/Pluto.  (Geeky astrological details:  the trine includes Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune and links together the expansive force of Jupiter with the structure and discipine of Saturn and the inspiration and creativity of Neptune.)   There is enormous potential here for a positive leap into a more supportive future if we have the courage to let go of the safety of the prisons we have made for ourselves.

New Moons are times of new beginnings – an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew each month.  This New Moon offers a chance to sweep away old insecurities and fears and embrace the transformative change that the Universe is creating at each moment under these dramatic planetary cycles.

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