The Sun entered Capricorn on December 22nd, unlocking an irritating aspect between Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (radical change). The Sun harmonizes with Jupiter which promotes harmony and self-confidence, but the Sun squares Uranus which can be frustrating as we come face to face with our limitations. As with any potentially challenging planetary event, just breathe and pay attention to the signals from the heart. Transits of the Sun last only a day or two, but they can open up the consciousness to receive important information from the spirit, especially on the 23rd when the Sun sextiles Chiron and increases our receptivity to that information.

All of this leads up to the Capricorn New Moon on December 24th. This New Moon is not an eclipse but it is a powerful event nonetheless because of the planetary aspects involved. Capricorn is the sign of achievement and mastery in the world, and the Capricorn New Moon is the perfect time to set goals and aspirations for the New Year. A trine from Jupiter to the Sun/Moon conjunction that forms the New Moon will help to facilitate our ability to think large and create a powerful and wonderful vision for the new year. The Jupiter/Chiron sextile can help us to heal and work through patterns that hold us back from achieving success.

The New Moon is a little more than 5 degrees from a conjunction to Pluto, intensifying the New Moon and forcing us to face up to something that is important for us to know but which we may have been struggling to keep repressed. In order to truly move forward in our lives we must remove the obstacles that stand in our way, and Pluto is the perfect ally for this task.

Jupiter is stationary at the New Moon and will turn direct the following day. Since we often call Jupiter Santa Claus, nothing is more appropriate than the fact that Jupiter turns direct on Christmas Day! Over the next few days the Sun will approach a conjunction to Pluto, so the last week of December is the perfect time to spend getting to know yourself a little more deeply than you have in the past. This is how personal power is achieved, and the increase of personal power will be your greatest ally in moving into the New Year with confidence and engagement on all levels of being.
Capricorn new moon



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