New Moon Gemini June 12For the next few weeks with Mercury in its own sign of Gemini the mental realm is activated, helping ideas to flow smoothly and aiding our ability to adapt to new circumstances. This process is facilitated by the Gemini New Moon on June 12th. The New Moon phase offers an opportunity for a new beginning, and in Gemini this opportunity takes us into the mental realm where we experiment with new ideas and ways of living our life before actually manifesting these ideas into form.
Gemini is the sign that is associated with the mind, but it also has to do with accepting a wide variety of ideas and experimenting with many different kinds of experiences.  Gemini is wide open – everything is considered to have value for its own sake, and there is a keen desire to learn about many things.
The Gemini New Moon is the perfect time to set aside our prejudices and look at our world through new eyes.  What can we learn about the ideas of others; what changes can we make in our lives to give us more flexibility and make it easier to adapt to change.
This New Moon is squared by Saturn, the Lord of Form and Structure, suggesting that there will be some struggle at this New Moon to reconcile the practical aspects of the thought forms we create at this time.  But a harmonious sextile from Venus to Saturn helps us to link the creative force within us (Venus) to our desire to achieve and manifest (Saturn), and a harmonious sextile from Neptune to Ceres can reveal more completely the thread between our spiritual world (Neptune) and the world around us (Ceres).
The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that we’ve been talking about for the past couple of weeks makes a powerful addition to this lunar chart and encourages us to expand our usual range of thinking. If our conceptualization of our life is too narrow, we can never be free and under this lunar influence there is tremendous potential to unlock the doors of our own mental prison.  However, Pluto forms a challenging square to Jupiter and Uranus in the lunar chart which suggests that we will have to confront our inner fears (Pluto) before this emergence into freedom can occur.
We may also have to confront our own lack of connection to the body with a challenging square from Saturn to Ceres.  If we pay attention to any area of our life where we are ignoring the needs of our physical body as well as our emotional world and work to make improvements there, we will sail through this planetary event with ease.
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