Sun Gaian Tarot

from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle – the time when the Sun and the Moon are aligned at the exact degree.  It would be more accurately called the “Dark Moon,” since this alignment occurs before the Moon shows the first glimpse of herself in the early crescent phase, but in any case the New Moon marks the letting go of one area of life and the beginning of a new cycle.

As we move into the realm of Leo, we become more naturally oriented towards an awareness of our true Self and how we want it to be expressed in the outer world.  Leo is the sign of nobility, and it represents the Noble Self as well as the Divine Child.  Under the influence of Leo, we seek to become the best specimen of humanity that we can possibly be.

This Leo Moon is conjoined by Venus, which makes it the perfect time to begin new alliances in which we honor the Divine Child both in ourselves and in our friends, lovers, or business colleagues.  The kingly planet Jupiter forms a strong aspect, a square, to the lunation (lunar event), offering an expansive means to stretch beyond any limitations that keep us from exploring our pure potential.  Because this Jupiter/Moon aspect is a square, there is some danger here that we might take this natural abundance of positive ego to an extreme and cross that delicate line between a healthy ego and self-centered egotism.

Mercury in the New Moon chart is in humble Virgo which will likely apply the brakes if the ego becomes too expansive.  In Virgo the mind becomes focused on the details of life and serving others rather than ourselves.  Virgo and Leo are not natural allies so balance will be required in order for the Divine Child to be allowed its full expression.  Chiron (wounding and healing) and Neptune (imagination and spiritual experience) both oppose Mercury in the chart, setting the stage for us to be able to work through old wounds that have kept us from affording ourselves with a healthy degree of respect and self-love.

Mercury is stationing now in preparation for its retrograde turn on August 2nd, at which time it will retrograde back into Leo and help us to form ideas (Mercury) to achieve the generosity and bigheartedness of Leo in our lives.

While the square of Uranus and Pluto reaches its peak at this time, generating plenty of revolutionary (Uranus) fervor against the power structures (Pluto), Pluto is dancing in a sextile with Chiron which helps to facilitate the healing process and create a safety net within which we can continue to release the wounds of the past, especially those which have damaged the Divine Child within.

The sign of Leo naturally looks for joy in every aspect of life.  This joy can only come about when we are no longer blocked by emotional damage.  So you can utilize the Leo New Moon to have a party… it can also serve as an opportunity to find true joy by moving more deeply into the Self within.

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