The New Moon occurs in late Leo, and in opposition to the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.  New Moons occur when the Sun conjoins the Moon and begins a brand new lunar cycle.  These are good times to begin new projects, especially now as we head into the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde period that begins on September 7th.

The opposition to the Big Three (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune) shows that in order to create a new beginning with the new lunar cycle, something from the past must be rectified, or surrendered, or transformed.  Jupiter asks that we open our minds to possibilities that are larger than what we might expect.  Chiron seeks to heal wounds from the past that may still be problematic.  And Neptune calls on us to hear the sweet and quiet voice of the Spirit within that connects us to a deep sense of our purpose and our true path.

Leo is the sign of the Self – our sense of Self, our ability to express ourselves and develop a healthy ego and individuality.  Leo is also the sign of royalty, encouraging us to fulfill the role that was served by kings and queens in ancient times of bridging the gap between humanity and the gods.  There is a nobility to Leo and a deep inner sense of importance that walks a tightrope between the healthy ego and attachment to the gratification of the ego.  Leo also suggests the beauty of the divine child.  You may want to listen to the edition of Astrological Musings Radio in which I discuss the nature of Leo and the healthy ego.

This is the perfect time to begin a process of self-understanding, or something that is creative.  and joyful.  It won’t come easily, because Mercury (thought process) is still in conjunction to Saturn (delay and restriction), and both are in a challenging square to Mars (our drive and ability to take action).  But this challenging planetary combination also can provide us with the courage (Mars) and the mental acuity (Mercury) to form a detailed plan to accomplish our goals (Saturn).

New Moon energy is available to us for about three days after the actual lunar event.  Enjoy!!  The Moon will have moved into Virgo shortly after the New Moon which will probably add enough practicality and analytical thinking to help us to get things done.

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