New Moon in Libra A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon align in the sky, beginning the next phase of the lunar cycle. There’s a clearing of the slate, and an opportunity to begin anew.  The Libra New Moon on October 7 th includes not only a conjunction of the Sun and Moon but also a conjunction of Mercury to Saturn, all in Libra.Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus is quite powerful right now since it’s virtually stationary as it prepares to change direction to turn retrograde.  With four planets in Libra, and Venus stationary, we are seeing the more powerful aspect of the Goddess of Love.  I have always found it interesting that the truly ancient cultures (Babylonia, Sumeria, ancient India) have much more powerful representations of the goddess of love and sexuality than the Venus of Roman patriarchal culture.  Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Innana – these were powerful ladies that instilled awe and even fear into the populace.  Venus has become a bit of a cartoon character in some circles – the Playboy Bunny of the zodiac.  But the instinct for love and attachment is one of the most primal archetypes in human experience, and it is this archetype that is at play in tomorrow’s New Moon.Here we also have the approaching conjunction of Mercury to Saturn, stabilizing (Saturn) our thoughts and ideas (Mercury) and teaching (Saturn) ways to achieve greater cooperation (Libra) as we learn to bridge the gaps that keep us from truly understanding (Mercury) each other.

Venus presides over our values and attachments, and we may find ourselves questioning the things to which we have become attached over time during this retrograde period.The New Moon chart also includes a conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus which is still hanging in there from last summer. This planetary combination opens a doorway to new ideas and ways of relating to others and to ourselves as well. This is the “breakthrough” conjunction, where stagnant habits can be shattered and new patterns begin to form.This New Moon, and the stationary Venus phase and the retrograde period that follows, are ideal times to either begin new relationships or re-examine the attachments that we currently find ourselves in – both to people and to ideas or possessions of various types.  How do we feel about money?  What is the value of certain possessions that we carry with us – do they hold us back, or do they enhance our lives?  Are there areas in our relationships that require greater understanding or clarity?   These are the questions to ask right now as the New Moon carries the answers.

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