Art from Bianca Clipperton. Today’s New Moon is a juicy one, and will carry us into a new beginning of spiritual sensitivity and compassionate opening of the heart.

The New Moon in Pisces occurs on February 21 st. This is a particularly powerfully Neptunian New Moon since Neptune and Chiron flank the Sun and Moon, all within four degrees of each other. Mercury is also in Pisces, and if we look at the asteroids as well we see Pallas linking the Sun and Chiron.

Neptune and Pisces encourage us to transcend the physical world and delve into the mysteries of spirituality, of creativity. There is a yearning under this influence to be free from the trappings of the material world – to flee from the potential ugliness of our reality and merge with the great Unknown that lies on the other side of conscious awareness. This can be an experience of incredible inspiration. It can also promote confusion and delusion.

New Moons are always times of new beginnings – it’s the beginning of the new lunar cycle when the solar and lunar principles are fused and integration can occur. This New Moon is the perfect time for a spiritual retreat, or to focus on a project involving artistry or some other type of creativity such as music and dance. Any experience in which we can let go of ourselves and allow the divinity to channel through us will be heightened and enhanced under this New Moon. Mercury in Pisces helps us to release the mind into the transcendent experience, although an opposition from Mars to Mercury will evoke a fire influence that will need to be managed in some way (ideally through integration of fire and enthusiasm into the creative spirituality of the New Moon).

Chiron and Neptune have been within four degrees of each other for several years now. You can read more about that conjunction here, but briefly, this conjunction brings together the Soul Healer (Chiron) with the Soul Teacher (Neptune) has overseen the deeply intense and sometimes agonizing experience of clearing old emotional wounds for the purpose of greater spiritual integration. Now that both planets have moved from Aquarius into Pisces, the flow and release of the old wounds can be managed with more ease and grace. It’s important with any Pisces/Neptune influence, though, to try to balance the potential power of the spiritual experience with the need to keep two feet firmly grounded into the physical world.

The presence of Pallas Athena in this assemblage of Pisces planets is interesting, since Pallas represents Divine Knowledge and Wisdom. Pallas links the Sun and Chiron, bestowing a creative intelligence that aids us in gaining understanding from these experiences which go beyond the realm of the mortal mind.

Jupiter sextiles this New Moon Pisces stellium, and over the next few days the Sun will sexxtile Pluto as well which will help the positive effects of the New Moon carry over into the end of the month.

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