art by Mark Coyle

Crescent Moon Gatherer, by Mark Coyle.

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 7:02 am EST on the morning of December 16th.
New Moons are times of new beginnings, and this New Moon offers the potential of a brand new understanding of what gives our life meaning. This is the realm that Sagittarius governs, and this New Moon also offers the potential for a radical shift in our understanding with a challenging square to Uranus, planet of shock and awe. It is likely that under this influence we will need to adjust our awareness as the new levels of meaning begin to permeate our consciousness.
This New Moon is well aspected, with the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter (optimism and positive feelings), Chiron (wisdom) and Neptune (greater spiritual awareness) offering an opportunity to help us to make the required adjustments to our patterns of belief so that we can find deeper levels of meaning.
The Saturn/Pluto square is embedded in this lunation (lunar event), adding a sense of the importance of every adjustment that we make now in the overall scheme of what is required from us. But a lovely trine from Venus to Mars helps to energize us and ensure success in our interactions with others.
I really like what April Elliot Kent says about Sagittarius:

To move in the direction of Sagittarius truth always requires a leap of faith and confidence in what we know. In pursuing this path, there’s the danger of becoming insular and overzealous, of refusing to listen at all to other points of view. The utter conviction that serves Sagittarius so well in many situations can sometimes cause problems if we assume our own truth is universal. Navigating the Sagittarius experience requires that we keep feeding our brains with other ideas and perspectives, to keep ourselves flexible and lively. But for the sake of innovation, it’s equally important to know when to escape to our own imaginations and retrieve what we find there.

This expansion of our sense of what is possible and what is correct is what the Sagittarian New Moon inspires.  This is why I chose this beautiful image with a Sagittarian abundance of crescent moons, signifying the bounty of new beginnings that this New Moon has to offer.
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