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The Virgo New Moon occurs Wednesday morning September 8th at 6:30 am Eastern (10:30 am GMT) on the heels of a beautiful aspect from Venus, the planet of love and beauty, to Chiron and Neptune. This Venus aspect has been opening up channels of love and creativity, assuring that old hurts can be more easily healed.

With the Sun and Moon conjunct in Virgo at the New Moon, the emphasis here is on the details of life, bringing us back to earth after this creative opening. Mercury is also in Virgo, traveling retrograde and creating potential snags in our desire to continue to move forward despite the doors that close to keep us retracing our steps and perfecting our progress. Virgo after all seeks a form of perfection that is not often found in this earthly life, and isn’t afraid to stand alone in its efforts to attain that perfection.

This New Moon stands alone in a different way: the lunation itself (the Sun and Moon combination) makes no aspect to any other planets. It is therefore more powerful and confers more energy in the initiation of new Virgo-type projects, such as a new health plan, exercise program, scheme to organize your home or office, clean up old emotional habits.

In Virgo the mind works to create order out of disarray, and with its ruler Mercury traveling retrograde we are encouraged (or we could say forced) pay close attention to ensure that our carefully constructed orderly plan does not go awry.  Mercury is in a harmonious trine to transformational Pluto the day of the New Moon which helps us to focus and let go of extraneous distractions.  There is also a trine from Mars and Venus, both in Libra and celebrating relationships, beauty and harmony, to Chiron and Neptune, the two teachers of healing and transcendent experience.  There is an opportunity in this New Moon to unlock our creativity, but also to open the doors of healing in relationships that need it.

New Moons are times of initiation and new beginnings, so let’s make this a time of conscious attention to detail and creating great order and perfection in our lives.

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