Virgo New MoonArt by Lori Menna.  At the Virgo New Moon we are typically granted an opportunity for a new beginning to organize our lives.  Virgo is the sign most concerned with creating order out of chaos, and in my world when the Moon is in Virgo I am always inspired to clean and organize my home.  Under the influence of Virgo we are suddenly more aware of areas of our lives which need improvement, and we find it easier to make a plan to make that improvement happen.

The New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle – it wipes the slate clean and gives us an opportunity to forge a new beginning.  At this time the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, working together to fuse our conscious personality needs (Sun) with our subconscious instincts and emotions (Moon).  Under the sign of Virgo, areas of health and well-being are highlighted along with the more obvious focus on organization and cleanliness.  New Moons are auspicious times to create a new plan and to plant the seeds of our dreams so that they will soon flower at the Full Moon.

Virgo is a practical Earth sign, and is not overly concerned with fantasy or imagination.  Virgo requires a plan and a bulletpoint list rather than a romantic ideal or dream.  However this New Moon on September 9th, and remember the energies begin a few days before and linger for a few days afterwards, includes a stressful opposition of the Sun and Moon to Neptune.  Neptune is a transformational outer planet – it inspires us to leave the day to day mundane details of our lives behind and find the transcendence and bliss of life beyond the boundaries of reality.  At this time Neptune is pulling us towards spirituality and imagination, while the Virgo New Moon seeks to keep us earth bound.

While we may feel we are pulled in two directions, we can also use this opportunity to integrate our highest aspirations and yearnings (Neptune) into the Virgoan bulletpoint plan to create and manifest something truly beautiful and lasting.  Saturn has just turned direct to help us focus in a disciplined fashion.  And a harmonious trine to Pluto from the New Moon will help to ensure that this New Moon is nothing less than transformational.

A beautiful combination of energies to help us to ground our dreams while we lift our aspirations to the sky.  ❤️


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