Photo by John French. I’m pleased to interrupt the political whirlwind to bring news of a New Moon in Scorpio.

The New Moon occurs at 7:15 pm tonight (October 28) Eastern time, with the Sun and Moon aligned at 5 degrees Scorpio. Scorpio is intensely emotional and private, and this New Moon offers an opportunity to begin to really plumb the depths of our own emotional natures and find our source of empowerment. What is it we are truly feeling?  What motivates us below the surface? Where do we lose power and how can we regain it? Where have we misused our power? These are Scorpio issues, best handled in the privacy of our own soul.

The upcoming opposition from Saturn to Uranus which will culminate on November 4 is a part of the lunation, and suggests a pull between that which feels safe (Saturn) and that which is new and untested (Uranus). Uranus seeks to impel change in order to create a world with greater authenticity and freedom, and this New Moon provides a chance to strip away the fluff and nonsense of our life (Scorpio), leaving only that which is real and allows us to thrive and continue to grow.

People like me with lots of Pluto and Scorpio in our charts enjoy these times more than those with lighter charts who prefer times of ease and joy, but it’s all part of the natural cycle of life.

Mars is also in Scorpio now where it charges fearlessly into combat, and Mars is square to Chiron now where that combat can bring up some painful issues that need resolution.  Fortunately Mars is harmoniously linked to the opposition of Saturn and Uranus where it can help us to find a way to balance the dichotomy of risk and stability – the excitement of the new with the safety of the old.

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