We are still in the middle of the Aquarius stellium, with Chiron conjunct Mercury which is exacerbating the tendency of Mars in Cancer for hurt feelings. Fortunately, a conjunction of sweet Venus and romantic Neptune will soften the edges of any conflicts that come up, providing creative ways to move through difficulties and release old patterns as Neptune’s urge to dissolve and transcend does its magic.

The New Moon on March 7 is at 17 degrees Pisces, the sign of spiritual experience and creativity. With the Sun conjunct the Moon, there is a linking of the conscious mind to the unconscious instinctive urges, fusing in a celebration of the divine experience that is the realm of Pisces. New Moons are known to be auspicious times for new ventures, and this New Moon is tightly conjunct Uranus, god of radical change and innovation. A powerful influence to aid us as we walk down a completely new path! We also see the influence of Jupiter coming into play as it approaches a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus which will be exact late in March. This Jupiter/Uranus combination brings with it an excitement and eagerness for change and a readiness to move into the next phase.

The New Moon also incorporates an applying conjunction between Mercury and Neptune which is exact on the 8th, enhancing the imaginative quality of this lunation. This Mercury/Neptune conjunction is part of the Aquarius stellium that includes Chiron which continues to press our buttons if we don’t surrender to the Neptunian flow and Chiron’s call to face the daemon within. When Venus enters Pisces on March 12 and forms a sextile to Pluto on March 13, any resistance we are harboring will be lubricated and we will find it easier to make the necessary inner adjustments. On the 14th when Mercury leaves the Aquarius stellium to enter Pisces, the link to Chiron will be broken and the sensitivity of the early part of the month will ease. Mars also forms a sextile to Saturn on that day, and the days from March 12-16 or so will be a great time to get things done and follow your plan for success as the energy of Mars works harmoniously with Saturn’s urge for achievement.

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