New Moon
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The Sun and Moon will conjoin tonight in Aries at around midnight EST, making this a New Moon. Aries is the sign of initiation and courage, and as first sign of the zodiac it rules over fresh starts and new beginnings. The New Moon is the beginning of a new solar cycle, so the New Moon in Aries has a particularly strong energy for moving forward into new ventures with energy and enthusiasm.

This New Moon is made particularly dynamic by a T-square involving Mars, the ruler of Aries, which is moving towards an opposition to Jupiter which is particularly confident and expansive. The square of the New Moon in Aries to Mars is a “double whammy” which tells us that the Mars/Aries energy is particularly powerful right now. Jupiter provides the possibilities and opportunities to make things happen but can also add a note of recklessness and amplification (Jupiter) of tempers and ego (Aries).

This rather reckless and headstrong Mars/Aries/Jupiter influence is offset somewhat by a trine of Saturn to Pluto which encourages us to give form (Saturn) to the drive to create change and transformation in our lives (Pluto). This added stability make this an ideal time for manifestation and intention, or just simply setting goals for the future.

There is a need now to balance the reckless enthusiasm with a more stable and balanced approach. If you have your chart, look to see where the New Moon at 16 degrees Aries will fall and that will give you a clue as to how to best use the energy of this lunation (moon event):

In the first house, you are being energized to balance your impulse to assert yourself with the need to consider the outcome of your actions.

In the second house, your drive for acquisition needs to be tempered with the understanding that all affluence comes from a solid sense of one’s own abilities.

In the third house, the need to express what we really think must include the knowledge that our empowerment does not depend on the understanding of those around us.

In the fourth house, our desire to have our own way at home and with family needs to be integrated with the desire for true progress and soul growth.

In the fifth house, the passion for play and creative self expression should be channeled in a way that is practical and creates lasting change.

In the sixth house, the work environment can become a battleground under this Mars-y influence. Working hard (Saturn) to achieve something of greater importance (Pluto) is recommended now.

In the seventh house, our desire for relationships, or our need to control the ones we have, must be moderated by attention to the balance of power that makes or breaks these partnerships.

In the eighth house, sexuality and power are intensified during this New Moon, and there is potential for great magick if intention is applied to the focus of the energy released now.

In the ninth house, a desire to flee our present responsibilities may present the need to face our obligations, and the urge to share our knowledge of Truth can result in a great sharing of wisdom.

In the tenth house, it may be time to take new initiatives in our career or our life path. Immediate gratification may need to be traded for a deepening of wisdom and power.

In the eleventh house, the passion to accomplish goals that fulfill the ideals we share with others must be balanced with the building of a strong power base before great actions are taken.

In the twelfth house, our inner turmoil needs to come into the light of consciousness. Our hidden desires become the word of our inner guidance, and offer the key to greater empowerment.

Take the ram by the horns, and have a wonderful New Moon!!

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