There’s something powerful about the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one. A sense of opportunity abounds, and there is a feeling that the slate can be wiped clean and a new beginning can take root. To accomplish that, we often set new year resolutions for things that we like to change, but we often lack the tools and motivation to really make those things happen. We may end up frustrated and with a sense of failure at not having achieved what we set out to do.

This year, go beyond resolutions and take some extra steps to create your new reality. Language is so important here; it’s not enough just to list those things you want to change, but instead create affirmative statements as if those changes have already taken place. Often we don’t believe that we CAN accomplish our goals, so stating them affirmatively helps to imprint our message into our neurological system which then begins to make real changes in our attitudes. In creating your statements, try to determine what has kept you from making these changes in the past and incorporate these reasons into your affirmative statements.

Some examples would be:

Instead of saying “I want to lose 10 pounds,” say: I enjoy preparing and eating just the right amount of delicious foods that nourish and satisfy me completely.

Instead of saying “I will exercise every day,” say: My daily workouts fill me with energy and vitality.

Instead of saying “I will spend more time with family and friends,” say: My friends and family are a valuable source of support for me and spending time with them is a priority.

Instead of saying “I will quit smoking,” say: I am a non-smoker because my health is very important to me and I love the way my smoke-free life feels and the new energy that I have as a result.

Instead of “I will get out of debt,” say: I feel safe and secure knowing that I am debt-free and that there is plenty of money in my bank accounts to save for the future.

Instead of “This year I will get organized,” say: I am easily able to maintain my focus and effectively organize all of my tasks at home and at work, knowing that there is plenty of time to do everything that I want to do.

Once you’ve created your list, read it every day. The daily imprinting of your new reality into both sides of your brain will help to make these changes a reality! Plus you will remember daily what you desire, and will be better able to make the small changes that will help make your desires your reality.

peace and best wishes for the new year!!

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