Art by Melanie Weidner

In late December abundant Jupiter made a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Chiron, facilitating our understanding and openness (Jupiter) and encouraging us to face the painful facets of our lives and experience healing there. We are still experiencing the echo of this combination until mid-January.

Jupiter is traveling through Sagittarius until December, and because Jupiter rules Sagittarius its power to expand and open up new possibilities can operate unimpeded by other influences. Jupiter in Sagittarius seeks adventure, prosperity, faith and meaning in life. Jupiter was last in Sagittarius in 1995 when Pluto entered Sagittarius, and this journey through Sagittarius marks Pluto’s leaving Sagittarius for Capricorn. There is a danger with Sagittarius of reckless optimism and self-righteousness, and we are likely to see some of these more negative aspects of this very positive sign over the next year.

Jupiter is also approaching the first of a series of squares (challenging aspect) to Uranus which will culminate towards the end of January. This is a revolutionary cycle that will continue through October of this year, bringing an eruption as Jupiter’s need for expansion accelerates the rebellious demand for change and freedom that Uranus inspires. This could also bring even greater religious battles since Jupiter rules religion and theology and Uranus seeks to knock the power base off its structure. This cycle will return again in May and conclude in October and signals extreme volatility in world affairs. On a more personal level we will experience an urge for change and expansion. I’ll be writing more about this cycle later.

For now, I thought it would be useful to explore some of the deeper aspects of Jupiter. It’s tempting to dismiss Jupiter as the planet of luck, wealth and good fortune, the planet of opportunity and abundance. But just as with every facet of astrology, there are layers of meaning of this planet and doorways of understanding to pass through that take us deeper into the world of transformation.

Jupiter in the birthchart or by transit provides the impulse for us to grow and evolve. It is involved in the realm of faith and the search for meaning in life, and in doing so there is a bit of restlessness since growth cannot take place where complacency resides. Jupiter is bigger than life and this is shown by its astronomical properties: it is the biggest planet in the solar system with a huge magnetic field and is surrounded by over 60 moons, making it a small solar system in itself.

For Jupiter to be effective, we must be on alert and prepared to receive its bounty. Its gift of new possibilities can only be received when we are aware and open and able to experience gratitude for the gift. I’m sure you have known people who had wonderful things in their life but no appreciation – for them the gift of Jupiter was lost. There are fascinating stories of people who won the lottery only to have a string of bad luck follow them. The quality that makes the difference between good luck and bad luck is a deliberate openness of the human spirit. A closed heart will never truly experience good fortune.

As a social planet, Jupiter is involved in the development of shared ideas and cultural traditions as well as theology. Unlike Neptune, which confers a spiritual experience, Jupiter is instead involved with the mental realm of ideas, such as Truth, Beauty, Philosophy. Jupiter seeks a greater level of understanding through higher education, and seeks to connect people and create cultural ties through theology (religion) or shared ritual behavior. It is often said that Jupiter rules the law, but I can’t help but see that more as Saturn’s domain (the establishment of social norms and conventions).

Jupiter is associated with optimism and confidence, but in its more negative manifestation it is likely to over do these positive qualities. Arrogance and self-righteousness results when confidence has no limits, and unchecked optimism can lead to reckless behavior. As Jupiter travels through Sagittarius we are likely to see the best and worst of this glorious planet. With Jupiter we become the Creator God, bringing thought into manifestation, but the restlessness of Jupiter that inspires us to seek higher realms may become impatience and frustration. Jupiter’s rewards will be completely missed if the mind is focused towards negativity and doubt. A positive viewpoint is more likely to manifest an experience of Jupiterian abundance, regardless of the physical circumstances.



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