The lovely Venus, having just entered Virgo a few short days ago, has slowed down for her retrograde turn tomorrow. While traveling backward she will re-enter the more outgoing sign of Leo where she enjoys a good party, at least until she reconnects with Saturn in the days leading up to the exact conjunction on August 13.

The conjunction of Venus with Saturn reminds us of our responsibilities to others and can put a damper on social intercourse. Venus conjunctions to Saturn typically occur every year or so, but the retrogradation of Venus makes this a three-part conjunction series and therefore of more importance. Where Venus in Leo is outgoing and affectionate, with a generosity of spirit that is unmatched in the zodiac, the conjunction to Saturn shows that the expression of affection is tempered by the stern discipline and structure of Saturn.

Still, with Saturn and Pluto moving into a trine formation that is exact August 8th, the Saturn/Venus influence will be softened as Venus joins Saturn in the trine to Pluto’s power for regeneration and transformation. There is a great deal of potential here for materializing our goals as Saturn’s discipline and structured approach to life harmonizes with the push from Pluto towards empowerment and self-actualization.

The first conjunction of Venus to Saturn took place on July 1 at 22 degrees Leo. The second conjunction in the cycle occurs August 13th at 27 degrees Leo with a trine to Pluto (and the Galactic Center!) and the cycle will conclude when Venus travels again through Leo and conjuncts Saturn at 4 degrees Virgo on October 13th of this year.

Transits of Venus tend to be subtle in nature, although if the Venus/Saturn conjunctions occur near sensitive points in your chart you may find yourself making changes in your relationships and more easily able to effect change in your surrounding world as well. Venus/Saturn often denotes endings of personal connections, and if this occurs in this second phase of the cycle which also aspects Pluto the endings will be more easily recognized as essential in nature.

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