The eclipse on Wednesday night is a total Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Virgo.

See the NASA site for visibility maps and tables and other useful information.

Lunar eclipses occur at the Full Moon when the Moon and the Sun are in opposition, and when the lunation conjuncts the lunar nodes. Because the lunar nodes signify the evolutionary journey of the soul, the astrological symbolism of an eclipse is very significant. These are times of reckoning; of course correction.

The eclipse finds the Moon at nearly 2 degrees Virgo and conjunct Saturn. The Sun will have just left the Aquarius stellium where revolutionary ideas have captivated the attention of the masses; now the Sun enters Pisces where it is more sensitive and with a deeper orientation. The Moon eclipsed in Virgo demonstrates a new focus on the mundane details of life, and the conjunction to Saturn which is also in Virgo enhances this.

This revolutionary fervor has swept the globe ever since the solar eclipse of February 6th – with the Obamalypse in the US (™ JM) and the revolutions in Kosovo and Kenya, and there has been an explosive energy in the air. With the conjunction of the eclipse to Saturn and the trine of Saturn and the Moon to Pluto, we are likely to find a push for more stability and a more serious approach to the matters at hand.

Jupiter, the planet of possibilities, is heading towards a sextile with Uranus over the next month and the process of change and breaking away from the status quo is likely to continue. Still, the presence of Saturn so tightly aspecting the lunation of the Full Moon suggests that challenges are likely as Saturn exerts its role as Celestial Taskmaster.

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