Energy #1 from Lise Nilson

Energy #1 from Lise Nilson

In my journal the other day I posted these news items that ran that day indicating the tremendous stress that people seem to be under right now:

  • a woman arrested at an airport strangles herself during a panic attack after being denied access to her flight;
  • a business owner in Tennessee shot himself at a city council meeting after being denied a zoning request;
  • an airport worker’s ipod caught fire in his pants.
  • The next day a police deputy was insulted by his girlfriend at a party and killed six people. Then yesterday a bus carrying the jury for the inquest into the death of Princess Diana retraced her final route through Paris crashed into a pillar at the Ritz Hotel in an eerie echo of the crash that killed the princess.
  • In response to a query about similar bizarre occurrences elsewhere in the world, Denise from Australia sends a report that a New Zealand doctor performing surgery on his patient misplaced the patient’s false teeth which were discovered later down his throat.

Perhaps these things happen all the time and we’re just more sensitive to them when Jupiter expands our Uranian sense of the unusual. Jupiter and Uranus are both unpredictable planets, and this transit will affect everyone differently depending upon the nature of the chart. Jupiter’s confidence can become overblown and combine with the recklessness of Uranus to create a willingness to take more risks than are wise. Or we may find ourselves overwhelmed by the urge to flee our current situation and take on something completely new.

This kind of restlessness and unpredictability is most difficult for those with earthy or watery charts. Jupiter is said to be a fire planet and Uranus air, but in my view they both share both air and fire dynamics. Jupiter instills a sense of meaning which is more airy, and the intense reactivity of Uranus is more fiery in nature.

In any event, the recklessness that can result from this pairing is most uncomfortable for those whose natures tend to be more placid and practical, or for those whose nervous systems are more tightly strung (indicating a likely Uranus problem in the chart).

This planetary pair can also open the doors of perception. Uranus is said to be the “higher octave” of Mercury, meaning that it also deals with communication and awareness, but in a more transpersonal and multidimensional context. The square of Jupiter to Uranus may be uncomfortable, but it also holds the keys to expanded consciousness.

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