Actually, our Sun sign actually has very little to do with our personality but instead is much more about your essential mission on Planet Earth. The personality is described by the ascendant and the relationship between the other planets. So an astrology cookbook might not be that useful.

A Latvian publisher has produced a cookbook with Latvian recipes for different signs, such as spicy food for Aries (fire sign), root vegetables for Virgo (an earth sign), soups for Cancer (water sign).

As an air sign, I suppose I would eat birds, too bad for a quasi-vegetarian. But what about my Jupiter in Taurus squared by Venus that loves sweets too much than is good for me? And what about my Mercury in the sixth house that is obsessed with health despite the sweet tooth? What about my Venus in Scorpio that loves spicy food?

Unless you have a chart containing one element (fire, earth, air or water), or just adore Latvian food, I would steer clear of this cookbook.

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