Michael Wolfstar O’Reilly and Jeff Jawer of Star IQ are covered in this article in the New York Observer ezine:

The fate of the 2008 presidential election might already be sealed—in the fine print on Barack Obama’s birth certificate.Was he born at 1:06 p.m.? Or was it just after 12?

According to America’s most popular political astrologers, what happened—or did not happen—during that crucial Honolulu hour on August 4, 1961 could determine the future of the free world.

Since Mr. Obama’s birth time is not yet publicly known, even to his own campaign, astrologers who make their living interpreting the impact of the heavens on the nation’s earthbound elected leaders can’t make up their mind as to whether he has one of the most ready-made “leadership charts” in recent presidential history—a strikingly similar one to Bill Clinton’s, save the seductive planets—or is cursed with the prospect of physical danger and a mentality too cerebral to run a country.

The only existing report of the time, which apparently originated from a shout-out from Mr. Obama over a noisy crowd to astrologer Frances McEvoy during a New Hampshire pass-through earlier this year, places him at 1:06 p.m., coincidently just 300 seconds after the moon transitioned from Taurus, a sign of resolution and leadership, to Gemini, a decidedly less confident constellation. And it’s only an hour before the ascending planet in the horizon, which determines first impressions, transitioned from a deeply powerful constellation to a more wavering and reckless one.

“If he were born an hour earlier, it would make a huge difference,” explained astrologer Michael “WolfStar” O’Reilly, who wrote about Mr. Obama’s alleged campaign-trail exchange with the astrologer on his Web site, NeptuneCafe.com.

Mr. O’Reilly, who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and is a weekly contributor to StarIQ.com, one of the Web’s most popular online sources of horoscope information, has his own theories on what all of this means for Mr. Obama.

“One of the problems with Obama is he has a progressed Mars in the 12th house—the house of secret enemies—and Mars is the warrior planet,” Mr. O’Reilly said. “And it’s forming some very hard aspects to Pluto, which is the warrior of his chart.” In other words, “he has some very powerful enemies.”

Although Mr. O’Reilly fears that one such enemy might be a gun-wielding lunatic (he thanks the Secret Service for “catching on”), the stars might simply be spelling out “Hillary Rodham Clinton,” who has a formidable chart and who many astrologers believe will win regardless of the moment Mr. Obama emerged from the womb. She enjoys a Scorpio sun—historically the most common sun sign for a president to have—and a Mars in Leo, which, to a statistically improbable degree, according to Mr. O’Reilly, is the most frequent Mars placement for a U.S. leader.

Jeff Jawer, the founder of StarIQ, who invented the first-ever hand-held astrological calculator and cowrites a best-selling annual astrology guide, described Mrs. Clinton as “seriously formidable.” He also said she is not quite who she appears.

“Now, I’m not a Hillary fan, even though I’m a Democrat, but Hillary may be nicer than we think,” he said. He noted her Pisces moon, an indication of innate compassion that no U.S. president before has ever shared. But then he warned of a potentially “Machiavellian” side to her, caused by a Scorpio sun and Scorpio ascendant: “Even people who like Hillary’s Scorpion way, we know there’s an enormous amount going on beneath the surface. Elements of the left don’t trust her. And that’s the thing about Hillary: We will probably never know her. And in the age of media saturation, we love the quality of accessibility in leaders.” [note from Lynn: it’s not certain that Hillary has a Scorpio ascendant. Astrodatabank shows her at the final degrees of Gemini rising and I have made what I think is a convincing argument for a Cancer ascendant.]

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