Astrodatabank has confirmed that the 1:06 pm birthtime for Obama that is floated around is a myth.

Date and place from media sources including Obama’s IL General Assembly webpage. Various times of birth have been circulated or posted. A time of 1:06 PM was provided by Fran McEvoy who told PT she couldn’t remember who gave it to her. She said that the person reportedly obtained the time from Obama and wished to remain anonymous. McEvoy adamantly denied that she heard it from Obama at a “shout-out” in NH as reported in the Andrew Mangino article in the NY Observer online of July 24, 2007. PT has received e-mails or seen postings listing 9:51 AM, 10:02 AM, 1:15 PM, 2:10 AM, 6:10 AM, “1-3 AM,” and “Virgo rising,” but these times have either been acknowledged to be speculation, rectification or otherwise not traceable to an original or reliable source.

This gives us an opportunity to stop arguing over which house Obama’s Pluto is in and keep an eye on the greater picture.

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