Libra New Moonphoto by Stefano Uknar

Just like everything else in 2020 so far, this week’s New Moon in Libra on October 16 2020 has surprises in store for us.  First of all, it’s a SuperMoon™ (coined by astrologer Richard Nolle) which means that the Moon is nearing its closest proximity to the Earth at the time the Moon and Sun align from our perspective for the New Moon.  When a Full Moon is a SuperMoon, we see it larger than life in the sky, but of course a New Moon is invisible – it’s the dark Moon that marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle.  Nevertheless, the SuperMoon is still Super, whether we can see it in the sky or not, and its effect is more potent and more lasting than an ordinary lunation.

Each month we are initiated into the mysteries of the signs in zodiacal order, and following the Virgo mystery that was illuminated by the New Moon on September 17th, we find ourselves being opened to the Libran quest for beauty, harmony, and a balance in our relationships with others.  The Libra New Moon urges us to find the balance point – to avoid extremes, to discover the truth that lies somewhere in the middle. When the Moon is in the sign ruled by Venus, there is a strong desire to open the heart and find connections that are pleasing and beneficial.

Speaking of Venus, she is in the sign of Virgo where we tend to be less interested in romance and candlelight and more interested in the functionality of our interpersonal relationships.  Because Venus rules the New Moon and is in Virgo, we must take into account the need for a more practical viewpoint – an approach which helps us to organize the different facets of our lives into manageable elements that all work well together.

The need for Libra to achieve a level of peace and equanimity is made more difficult by the fact that the lunation (Sun/Moon conjunction) is squared by Mars, powerfully placed in its own sign of Aries where its impulse for primal need and associated action is at its most potent.  An opposition from Mars pokes at the sensitive Libra Moon and threatens the equilibrium which has been so bravely achieved. However, we must not forget that the predecessors of the archetype of Venus were powerful goddesses such as Inanna and Ishtar, goddess of war and creation of life.  During the Age of Pisces the power of the female goddess was stripped away, but she is reclaiming her strength and creative force.

This New Moon is squared by the stellium in Capricorn which includes Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.  Here we have six major planetary bodies (four planets and two luminaries) all very closely aligned for the New Moon, which means that a great deal of energy is likely to be released here.  Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all combine to form a dynamic of compression and repression, but Mars demands release and motion.  This dynamic is pretty much but we’ve been dealing with for the past two months, but here the addition of the New Moon offers a point of release.

The lunar nodes come into play as well – we find the lunation (Sun/Moon conjunction) harmonizing in a trine to the North Node for a direct link to our personal evolution, and Mars is trine the South Node to activate a letting go of the past.

At the New Moon we find ourselves at a new beginning.  Perhaps it becomes clear to us that our attempts to maintain the previous status quo using old techniques are no longer working.  At this New Moon we need to find a way to successfully integrate the pieces of our life which have remained, and find a way to integrate and achieve a harmonious balance.  Mercury has just turned retrograde in Scorpio, helping us to probe the depths of our own psyche and find the fountain of resilience that resides there and while Mercury is retrograde we can often discover a previously unknown ability to see beyond the superficial.

There is something poetic about the dark and moonless night sky under which we can begin to see the stars and other lights of the Universe.  It offers a fresh beginning and a clear slate on which to write the songs of our dreams and desires, and this New Moon has the potency to bring these songs to life.

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